Portugal Make your wishes come true
What are your plans?


Finding a property.

Are you looking for a property to buy, rent or invest in? Co-Eleven and its real estate experts will be there to help you materialise your project and to make sure you will settle in nicely in Portugal.
We will find the right contacts and will assist you in searching, choosing and visiting properties you have chosen according to your criteria, and to prepare the legal and administrative steps required according to your needs and to your type of operations.


Upgrading your property.

Our partners and experts include architects, general contractors and interior decorators, who will help you materialise your project. They will provide you with extensive know-how and experience for the aesthetic or technical refurbishment of your property.


Buying a property

If you want to make your real estate project happen and protect it, we can call on our experts and partners to help you on all matters relating to financing, insurance, property rental management, etc.



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