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Practical advice

Emploi au Portugal

Co-Eleven will give you a to-do list so you can better prepare your posting, maintain your link to France during your stay abroad, and make your eventual return to France easy.
This general list can be completed according to your personal and professional situation (student, employee, business owner, pensioner).

  • I will inform the tax office to which I belong in France of my change of address.
  • I will inform my pension fund of my leaving abroad.
  • If necessary, I will apply for an international driving permit before leaving, by mail, to the competent services according to my place of residence.
  • I will enrol my children in a school abroad
  • I will organise my move with an accredited international moving company.
  • I will enquire about customs formalities (pets, car, etc.).
  • I will inform the post office of my change of address and organise a follow-me service.
  • I will check the expiry date of my passport or identity card.
  • I will make arrangements to benefit from adequate social security coverage during my stay abroad.
  • I will take out an insurance policy that covers repatriation.
  • I will talk to my doctor about the recommended vaccinations, and the follow-up of my medical treatment.
  • I will register on the consular electoral roll if I want to vote abroad for the French national polls and participate in the election of consular advisers.
  • I will ask the consulate to which I belong to record the acts concerning civil status events (birth, marriage) which may occur during my stay.
  • I will regularly check the expiry date of my passport and identity cards, and those of my children.


In Portugal

  • I will respect the local laws and the customs of the country.
  • I will take the necessary steps with the local authorities (residence permit, tax administration, register with social security, local driving permit).
  • I will register online with the Register of French nationals residing outside France at service-public.fr and will update my file on a regular basis.
  • I will inform the tax department for non-resident individuals about my settling in Portugal and my new address, or to the tax office of my new address.
  • I will enrol my children in a school in France; the school will ask for their birth certificate or family book, as well as their up-to-date vaccination records.
  • I will keep all the important documents concerning my situation abroad (employment, income, health).
  • I will inform the local post office of my change of address and organise a follow-me service.
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