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Administrative procedures

Démarches administratives au Portugal

Administrative procedures in Portugal are many and inevitable: institutions, town halls, public bodies and other private companies. Administration in Portugal is governed by legislative and regulatory provisions, multiplying the work in each step of the processes and affecting whatever we might need in our lives (passport, renewing identity cards, obtaining a tax number, health insurance, schools, car, etc.).

All citizens must leave written proof of their actions, provide proof of their identity and supporting documents, which is why it is important to know how to deal with each procedure.

These essential issues in your project can quickly become intricate, especially when we don’t master the Portuguese language. There’s often a document or a supporting evidence missing. Sometimes, you have to go more than once to offices because you weren’t given the right information, their opening hours, or even the telephone number of the service in question.

Co-Eleven and its expert partners will be there to support you and to take you every step of the way. We will meet all your needs to help you settle in and make your professional project a pleasant process.


  • Financial procedures
  • Health procedures
  • Mandatory procedures
  • Vehicle -related procedures
  • School procedures
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